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Tips For Making Your Nail Polish Last Longer

If you often do your nails or pay to have them done, you likely want them to last as long as possible. This is important because it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run if you don’t continually have to keep getting them redone. Here are some tips for making sure that your nail polish lasts for a decent amount of time.

1. Get Rid of the Oil on Your Nails

Your nails are naturally going to have some oil from your hands on them. This is going to cause the polish to not adhere as well to your nails and to chip off more quickly. In order to get rid of the excess oil on your nails, take a cotton swab and dip it into white vinegar. Quickly wipe down each of your nails. Then, use a clean towel to dry off your nails before starting to apply the polish. If you don’t think that your manicurist is going to do this, make sure that you do it before going into the salon.

2. Soak Your Nails in Cuticle Oil, Not Water

You might decide to soak your nails in order to soften up your cuticles and make it easier to shape them. However, when you soak your fingertips in water, your fingers absorb the water and the skin expands, causing your nail to expand slightly. When your fingernails go back to normal, the polish that was originally applied might not fit anymore. This can cause premature cracking that will make your nails not look as good. To avoid this, soak your cuticles in cuticle oil, rather than water. 

3. Don’t Get the Polish On Your Cuticles

Make sure that you don’t get any polish on your cuticles because this will lift the polish away from the nail itself and cause it to chip earlier than it would otherwise. To avoid getting paint on your cuticles, use cuticle oil to push them out of the way. Then, cover them with a piece of paper or tape while you are painting your nails.

4. Add More Basecoat to the Tips of Your Nails

Finally, because the tips of your nails are more likely to chip, be sure that you apply a second layer of basecoat to just the tips. This will make them more resistant to chipping.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in nail polish.

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Three Common Questions Concerning Organic Deodorant

It is an unfortunate reality that you will sweat throughout the day, and this can cause you to start to develop foul body odor. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may not be very informed about the various options that they have to combat this problem. If this is the case for you, considering the following questions and answers about organic deodorant will help you be better informed about your options for fighting body odor.

Why Would You Want To Switch To Organic Deodorant?

While conventional deodorants can be highly effective at eliminating body odor, they can also be extremely harsh to the skin. This can lead to rashes, irritation, and hives in some people. By opting for an organic deodorant, you may be able to avoid the chemical additives that cause these reactions. By comparing the list of ingredients on the organic deodorant and the standard one, you may be able to identify the chemical that is causing your reaction so that you can avoid it in the future.

What If You Want A Scented Deodorant?

There are some people that assume that they will be unable to find an organic deodorant that also has a pleasant scent. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers of organic deodorants that incorporate natural oils to scent their products. Sadly, if you suffer from an allergy to natural oils, you should avoid scented products until you speak with your doctor.  

Are Organic Deodorants Effective?

The effectiveness of organic deodorant can be a concern for some individuals. However, these products can be just as effective at reducing sweat and eliminating odor as standard deodorants. On particularly hot days, or when you will be very physically active, you may want to take your deodorant with you so that you can reapply it. This is a good practice for both organic and traditional deodorant products, as excessive amounts of sweat can wash away some of the deodorant.  

Choosing the product that you use to combat body odor is an important decision for anyone to make. However, many individuals commonly overlook the viability an organic deodorant. By understanding the benefits of using these products, that scented organic deodorants are available and that these products are as effective as traditional deodorants, you will find yourself better suited to evaluate whether this will be a good option for your personal hygiene needs. Turn to manufacturers like Soap Me With Nature to purchase organic deodorants.

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Helpful Information To Know About Tipping Your Makeup Artist

Getting your makeup done by a professional, whether it’s for a wedding or just a big date on a Friday night, can help you look and feel your best. It’s ideal to find a makeup artist who consistently understands the look you’re going for so that you can repeatedly book appointments with him or her to ensure your satisfaction. Regardless of the rate that you pay for the service, it’s polite to offer a tip once the appointment wraps up. Although salons often stress to customers that tipping isn’t necessary, giving some cash is an ideal way to convey your gratitude. Here’s what you need to know about tipping your makeup artist.

Tipping After A Regular Visit

You should set aside between 15 and 20 percent of the cost of the session to use as a tip for your makeup artist. This rule applies whether you’re tipping in advance of a wedding or just for a standard salon visit. The process of tipping can be easier if you make sure that you know the cost of the makeup application in advance; this knowledge gives you time to be sure that you have the right amount of cash in your purse.

Tipping Over The Holidays

If you use the same makeup artist several times throughout the year, it’s worthwhile to consider giving a bigger tip during your appointment closest to the holidays. This serves as an opportunity to express your thanks to the artist for making you look your best throughout the entire year. The general rule for holiday tipping for any salon treatment is to give money or a present up to the cost of your standard makeup session. Cash and gifts are equally suitable, although it’s important to keep in mind that many people will especially appreciate a cash tip around the holidays, especially given the expenses of the season.

Think About These Factors When You Tip

Whether you’re tipping after a single visit or deciding exactly how generous you wish to be over the holidays, you should think about your interactions with the makeup artist, as well as the degree to which you’re pleased with the finished product. In the former category, consider how friendly the person is and how he or she goes out of the way to help you — for example, squeezing you in for a last-minute appointment. You can also gauge whether the artist carefully listens to your requests and delivers on them to give you a finished product that you desire. Contact a business, such as Beautifully Beat Faces LLC, for more information. 

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The Benefits Of Using Natural Soaps To Avoid Common Skin Problems

If you have ever paid attention to the labels on the numerous brands of soaps in store aisles, you will notice that most of the ingredients are chemicals you have never heard of and probably can’t pronounce. Actual soap contains natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. If you find that you have skin problems after using popular brands of body cleansers, it may be due to the chemicals in the products. You should consider the benefits of switching to all-natural products.

No More Chemicals

You may be surprised at the amount of chemicals present in body cleansing bars that are commonly referred to as soap. Manufacturers add chemicals to increase lathering properties, provide fragrance and add color.

If the cleansing bar is labeled as antibacterial or antimicrobial, it will have even more chemicals. These products have the potential to be toxic. As a result, some states have banned chemicals that are commonly used in antibacterial body bars.

Manufacturers of natural soaps use essential oils and ingredients like flower petals for fragrance and color. If you are sensitive to scents, you can also purchase scent-free all-natural soaps.

Instead of using products that contain chemicals, look for all-natural soaps with glycerin and pleasant-smelling ingredients such as:

  • Aloe
  • Almonds
  • Coconut oil
  • Goat’s milk
  • Herbs
  • Oatmeal
  • Olive Oil
  • Peppermint
  • Shea butter

No More Skin Problems

Your skin absorbs the harmful substances in chemical-laced body cleansers. It is not uncommon for people to experience prickly, dry skin after using bars of soap made from a long list of chemicals with hard-to-pronounce names.

Many products are technically not soap because they do not contain the ingredients common in traditional soap making such as glycerin, a humectant that helps to retain moisture in the skin.

Common problems caused by the chemicals in harsh body cleansers include:

  • Red spots on the skin
  • Pimples and blackheads
  • Flaky skin
  • Allergic reactions like hives and itching
  • Clogged pores

If you stop using popular body cleansers, you will not have to manage these side effects by spending more money for moisturizers, astringents and acne creams.

In addition, natural ingredients like oatmeal, coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter contain vitamins that soothe and moisturize irritated skin. Pure soaps made of organic ingredients, like almond coconut soap, will not clog your skin or cause flare ups if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

When you are shopping for soap, pay close attention to labels even when products are labeled as all-natural or 100 percent organic. Do not trust the tagline of manufacturers, but scrutinize the ingredient list to make sure that there are no chemicals in the soap bar.

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Want To Make A Change Without Spending A Lot Of Money? 2 Ways To Reinvent Your Look

Now that the seasons are changing, you may also want to change your look. This does not mean you have to run to the mall and buy a whole new wardrobe, making a drastic change in the color of your hair, or getting that new haircut. Below are two things you should consider doing.

Part Your Hair

If you have always parted your hair one way, part it another. This will make it look like you have a new haircut.

When changing your part, go either far left or far right. If you do not put it over far enough, you will not change your look very much. Wash your hair and blow dry it until it is about 50 percent dry. You don’t have to worry about drying it in any certain direction right now. Once it is half dry, use a fine tooth combed to part your hair where you want.  Now blow dry it in the direction you want the part to go.

If your hair is being extra stubborn staying put in its new direction, part your hair before you go to bed, and then put on a headband or some pins to hold it in place. It may take a few days for it to fall naturally in the new direction.

Change Your Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions can make a dramatic difference in the way your eyes look. Before you run out and get them, make sure the salon is experienced at doing this.

There are some things you should know about eyelash extensions before you get them.  First of all, there are many lengths, thicknesses, and even colors to choose from. This allows you to create any look that you want.  They are also high-maintenance. The salon will provide you with the tools you need, and will show you how to care for them, with products such as eyelash extension cleanser. Generally, you will have to comb them daily, and clean them with a spooled brush. When taking off your makeup, do not use cotton balls, as the lint can get stuck in your eyelashes. Instead, use makeup wipes.

Your new eyelashes will last for a few weeks, and then you will have to have them filled in again if you want to keep them. If you do not want to keep them, the salon can remove them for you.

You may be surprised at how changing your eyelashes and hair will make a dramatic difference in the way you look, and you didn’t have to spend a lot of money doing it.

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5 Makeup Tips For Fair Skinned Women

When you have pale skin, applying makeup can sometimes be tricky. Many makeup products can be too dark and overwhelm your porcelain complexion. However, if you learn some different tricks, you can apply your makeup beautifully and naturally. Here are five makeup tips for fair skinned women:

Do not Go With Black Eyeliner

Eyeliner can definitely make your eyes stand out, but a very dark-colored one can be too much for your fair complexion. Instead of choosing a black eyeliner, go with a brown one. A brown-colored eyeliner will still give your eyes some definition, but it won’t look too harsh.

Do not Skimp on Blush

The idea of wearing blush may seem scary if you have very pale skin, but it is a must. A few strokes of blush on your cheeks will brighten your complexion and help you look much better. However, be careful not to choose a blush shade that is too dark. Light pink and peach shades tend to work best on fair skin tones. Lightly apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks with a blush brush.

Stay Away from Face Powder

It is best to stay away from face powder because it can make your pale skin look very cakey. If your skin is a bit oily, just trying using a lighter moisturizer.

Do not Be Afraid of Bright Lipsticks

You can still wear bright-colored lip shades when you have fair skin. In fact, putting on a bright red or berry lipstick can actually brighten up your complexion. However, if you choose to wear a bold lip color, keep the rest of your makeup simple. Swipe on some beige eye shadow, apply brown mascara and put pink blush on your cheeks.

Wear Liquid Highlighter With Your Foundation

If your pale skin tends to look dull, it may be a good idea to mix in liquid highlighter with your foundation. Applying just a couple drops of highlighter with your foundation will help add a glow to your skin, helping it look healthier and more beautiful.

Choosing the right makeup products can be a little challenging when you have porcelain skin, but it is not impossible. If you follow these helpful tips, you can enhance your pale skin and look gorgeous. If you ever need extra help finding the right makeup shade, do not hesitate to ask a makeup artist at a department store counter.

To learn more, contact a school like Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas.

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How To Take Care Of Your Make-Up Brushes And Applicators

Your makeup brushes and applicators can contain bacteria and fungus that may lead to an infection, or at the very least, compromise the quality of your cosmetics. Proper maintenance and care is the key to getting the most use out of your brushes so that they don’t cause any issues. The following guide can help.

Basic Cleaning Routine

Generally, once weekly is probably sufficient for keeping your brushes clean. You may want to clean more often if you have been ill or applied makeup over an open wound or blemish. Clean the brushes in the evening so they will be dry by morning.

Cleaning supplies:

  • Bowl or cup

  • Baby shampoo

  • A clean cloth

You first need to remove any loose particles of makeup that are stuck in the brushes or applicators. Do this by running warm water through them, using the sink faucet. You can gently separate the bristles as you rinse so that they are cleaned out as completely as possible. Sponge-type applicators can be squeezed and rubbed gently to remove excess makeup.

Next, fill the bowl with warm water and add a squirt or two of the baby shampoo. Submerge the brush or applicator into the soapy water, rubbing the bristles or sponge gently to work up a lather. The soap breaks down any oily residue trapped within the brush, ensuring that it’s completely cleaned.

Once you are sure the brush is clean, rinse it with warm water from the faucet. If the water runs clear, you are done. If not, repeat the entire process until it does. Gently squeeze the excess moisture out of the brushes with the cloth, and then stand the brushes up in a cup or brush holder in a well-ventilated place to dry overnight. You don’t want to stick a damp applicator into your dry makeup powders.

Daily Maintenance

Although weekly cleaning is a major part of your makeup brush care, daily maintenance is important as well. Tap the brush after use or shake it gently to remove any loose makeup that may be stuck in the bristles. Full brushes, such as powder or blush brushes, should be stored upright. Laying them flat can cause them to lose their fullness, which means they won’t distribute makeup as evenly. Flat brushes and applicators, such as eyeshadow brushes or sponge applicators, can be stored flat or standing up, as long as the storage container doesn’t distort their shape.

Replace your brushes if they are loosing their shape, falling apart, or not coming completely clean. Click here for more information about makeup brush cleaner.

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